Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Proust

THE LIGHT INSIDE - 1999 , James Turrell, Museum of Fine Arts Houston

From an essay of Proust in Against Sainte-Beuve....
"The beautiful things we shall write if we have talent are inside us, indistinct, like the memory of a melody which delights us though we are unable to recapture its outline. Those who are obsessed by this blurred memory of truths they have never known are the men who are gifted...Talent is like a sort of memory which will enable them finally to bring this indistinct music closer to them, to hear it clearly, to note it down...."
In V. S. Niapaul's Nobel Lecture, he states that it is luck and much labor more than talent!

Tunnel of Light, France 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Checking In

I am sitting in my studio and feel the energy of spring returning as the sun is streaming in.
The seasons are truly marvelous....
Just returned from what felt like extensive travels.
I weathered the winter blizzard in Toronto and participated in The Artist Project that was held in the Liberty Grand.
I exhibited my Visitations, Leaf Studies and Chiapas work.
It is a wonderful city with lots of heart and soul, great food and funky stores.
I met new friends and saw some great art.
Here are links of two of my favorite fellow artists who also participated.
Laura Fatemi
Nava Waxman