Monday, January 12, 2015

Notes on New Orleans

Notes on New Orleans

As I take leave once again, I can’t help but reflect on my attachment to this city. She has seen me thru many poignant times. 

Night time is the Right Time
Under her watch, I was witness to the human suffering and resilience of so many residents post Katrina. She accompanied me in the final weeks as I bid farewell to my dear sister and comforted me after my father passed away. Most recently she played host to my husband’s 70th birthday celebration.

New Orleans calls me back, over and over.

She understands anguish and knows how to bask in celebration.  Embracing all of life, she acknowledges its hardships while reveling in the exquisiteness of the present.

I am always learning here. Things unfold in this city in ways I could never have imagined, leaving me awe inspired. 

Thank you to the amazing artists, musicians and creatives of this city, who keep pushing the envelope while opening new pathways for love and understanding; and to the chefs who, thru their incredible dedication and hard work, feed not only our bodies but our souls. 

Christmas Eve, Bonfire by the Levee
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