Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicago Book Release Talk and Reception


Join award-winning, fine art photographer Jane Fulton Alt as she discusses her recently published book, The Burn.  This series of arresting photographs, begun in 2007, captures the beauty, violence and regenerative power of controlled prairie burns — “the ephemeral moment when life and death are not opposed, but are harmonized as a single process to be embraced as a whole.”
Thursday, November 7
6-8 PM
6 PM Reception, 7 PM Artist Talk

DePaul Art Museum
935 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago
A book-signing will follow the artist’s talk.Museum exhibitions will be open for viewing.Admission is complimentary. 
RSVP by November 4 to:
847.234.1063 or
Enjoy our convenient round trip shuttle for just $40/person. Advance reservations required. Meet at Ragdale, 1230 N. Green Bay Road in Lake Forest at 4:30 PM. 
Presented in cooperation with The Ragdale Foundation and the DePaul Art Museum

The Burn Project / An Interview with Jane Fulton Alt from Jane Fulton Alt on Vimeo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Patra Passage ~ Art at its Best!

Linda Lowe has created an art based experiment that explores the act of giving and receiving. It is a truly inspired project.  
108 Vessel ~ The Patra Passage

“The gift finds the man attractive who stands with an empty bowl he does not own.”
LEWIS HYDE, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World

"The Patra Passage is an art-based project that experiments with a cycle of giving and receiving. The passage centers on the gifting of 108 hand-built ceramic vessels to participants who will re-gift them to others. The giftism cycle will continue for one year until each bowl has been presented and received at least three times, creating a community of over 324 participants. At the end of their circulation, the Patra will be returned and exhibited at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, sold, and all proceeds given to charity."

 I encourage you to learn more about The Patra Passage HERE.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pilot Program @ Filter Photo Festival

Filter Photo Festival, now in its 5th year, decided to pilot a program for local high school students. They selected 4 students to participate in the portfolio reviews.
It was an honor to be asked to review, along with  Michael Zajakowski, photo editor for the Chicago Tribune. There is nothing I like better than mentoring, so of course I said yes.

 Chicago High School for the Arts photo students at Filter Photo Review

I am still thinking about the work I reviewed. I was so impressed with the portfolios and the presentations, and would like to share some of the exciting work that is being produced at The Chicago High School for the Arts. Their teacher is Whitney Bradshaw, a very talented Chicago photographer and former curator of the LaSalle Bank photographic collection.

The Drum Roll.....

Bruce Bennett
Untitled; 17 x 22 Digital print, 2012

"I am working on a black and white photographic series of people in their domestic environments as well as outside in their communities. 

Ignorance; 17 x 22 Digital print, 2013

I carefully employ several different light sources to suggest emotion or convey deeper meaning in the images."

Untitled; 17 x 22 Digital print, 2013

Anthony Aguirre

"These photos belong to a series of work that is a collective study of the architecture in Chicago. The city of Chicago features prominent buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects – which are noted for their originality rather than their antiquity. 

By documenting these spaces, I am capturing the beauty of these decaying structures and embedding them into this city’s grand history before they have completely diminished. My photos are an ode to their work and the city’s bygone public buildings and workplaces that have seemingly gone unnoticed over the years."

Gabby Ochoa

"My work uses light and technology in an experimental environment to ask questions about perception, abstraction, and the variable importance of representation.

"Incondite I" 2013

Incondite captures incidental abstraction of otherwise representational subjects and presents the image out of context in order to ask if something that is broken can be accepted as an aesthetic whole.

"Parhelions # 4" 2013

Parhelions warps perception in a series of simple light experiments with reflection and refraction. Whereas photography is typically an indexical medium, Parhelionsaims to represent nothing but the image itself. So what happens to work that does not adhere to the index?

"Sleepover" 2013

Photography, in that indexicality, has created a plethora of contemporary Artifacts. A photograph captures a moment in time, and unlike our minds and bodies, a photo will typically not erode and cease to exist (especially in the case of digital photography and the internet). Artifacts is subjecting photos to the same erosion the memories they represent undergo while leaving their "labels" intact. When the image is entirely or partially deteriorated, how do we make sense of the "label" in relation to the visual information/lack thereof?"

Jesus Pena

The work shown here is from 3, distinctly different, ongoing photographic series. In the first, I attempt to Glorify the BMX Lifestyle. 

The second is an exercise in Levitation

 and the third is from my Dark Cinematic Photo study."