Friday, January 09, 2009

New Work Inspired from San Miguel de Allende

After much a do, I am happy to say that my new work from Mexico will be ready for viewing next week at Frontera Grill / Topolobampo in Chicago. After much thought I decided to try something new. These images are laid over gold leaf and covered with resin. It was fun experimenting with the new materials. My studio is a total disaster now. Time to start creating some order.....

Which makes me ponder the "branding" issue in art making. They say that it is good for an artist to have a certain style or identifiable mark that allows the collector to say "that is a ________(name of the artist)." Well, they are not going to pin me down! Life is too short. Part of what makes art making so much fun is experimenting with different materials.

Stay tuned for my ramblings on the upcoming United States Presidential Inauguration. I will be in full attendance with photos to share!

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Maggie Meiners said...

My hat's off to you, Jane ! I agree, life is too short, to have one identifiable style--can you imagine if we dressed the same way we did when we were 18 ?--It's the same with art. We have to continue to challenge ourselves as we grow. Thanks for your insight, your images are beautiful!