Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Any thoughts for a title?

In going thru my digital negs the other day, I found this image, taken about 2 years ago in Washington DC.

Jane Fulton Alt ©2007

Any thoughts for a title?


Stephanie Clayton said...

intriguing photo. otherworldly, yet unsettling, elements which i like very much.
what is the content? is this from the burn series?
i'm having a dilemma titling some of my own work this week, with some monochrome paintings. sometimes titles come easily, yet other times...well, i feel like i'm grasping at straws.

Jane Fulton Alt said...

Hi Stephanie,
Took the photo over a grate that was spewing steam.
Kids were running thru it.
Just thought it would be interesting to get comments on a possible title.
Not so easy.

Katie said...

something about searching? blindly?

Love, Ro said...

What a great photo ! The first thing that cones to mind is, 'Playing Zombies". I can just hear the noises coming out of their mouths. Looking forward to eeing your show tomorrow night !

Stephanie Clayton said...

maybe simply call it "steam", "warm", or "warmth" because it appears one is warming his hands....i don't know..


EllenG said...

I looked at the photo and thought, "how ethereal." I then noticed the boy on the left has almost disappeared into the vapors and the boy in the middle is in the midst of disappearing. Only the boy on the right is fully visible.

The word that came to mind was trancendence. I believe that also incorporates the ethereal quality - if I reached out to touch the two boys on the left, I am not really sure they would be there.