Friday, September 25, 2009

Liu Bolin

If you are not familar with Liu Bolin's photographic work, you are in for a real treat. He is a Chineese artist who has used the photographic image to say VOLUMES about living in China. Each piece is so perfectly conceived of and executed.

Unify The Thought To Promote Education © Liu Bolin

Government Finance Information Board © Liu Bolin

His work is now up in Chicago at the Schneider gallery and well worth the trip to see the prints in person.

Civilian & Policeman
2006 © Liu Bolin


Alden said...

wow - really cool... especially the last one.

Stephanie Clayton said...

if they weren't photographs, they could easily be performance or conceptual works.
very intriguing.

Eli Klein Fine Art said...

Liu Bolin has been doing his Hiding in the City series since 2005. It started as a political commentary on the tensions between the Chinese government and their people and the identity an environment gives an individual and vice versa. Liu Bolin will be exhibiting at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York from June 29 - August 28, 2011. Eli Klein Fine Art represents him exclusively in North and South America. More images can be found on