Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Vivian Maier

I saw the Vivian Maier exhibition yesterday at the Chicago Cultural Center and there were some images that just took my breath away. Her sense of composition, compassion and humor is so evident. I also learned via facebook that a group is trying to fund a documentary via kickstarter. Looks like they have a lot of support... all very exciting. Click HERE for a NYT article that appeared January 7th, 2011.

In the meantime, here are a few more images. I was thrilled to find a photograph from my own neighborhood in Evanston!

taken at the Chicago River on Michigan and Wacker Avenues

downtown Evanston with the Carlson building in the background, Radio Shack has replaced Harbinger Drugs


bbphoto said...

I was fortunate to stumble across Apartment No. 2, a gallery in Oslo, Norway, in December, where the Vivian Maier exhibit was on display. Amazing... each print was $1400- which was just a little more than I felt comfortable investing in. In the end, we hesitated to make the investment because there were some inconsistencies with the print, too many washed out and burned in areas, and that hesitancy crossed over because it was not a print made by her, but by the person who won the auction of the negatives- interesting story though. I hope we don't regret the opportunity to have invested.

Fargo said...

The Chicago Tonight feature about Vivian Maier that ran a few weeks ago was a nice surprise. I enjoyed the Cultural Center exhibit when I saw it last week. Maier really had a phenomenal eye for composition and a Cartier-Bresson-like knack for capturing the decisive moment in street scenes.