Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Searching for the Key

"Someone saw Nasrudin searching for something on the ground.
"What have you lost, Mulla?" he asked.
"My key" , said the Mulla.
So they both went down on their knees and looked for it.
After a time the other man asked:
"Where exactly did you drop it?"
"In my own house."
"Then why are you looking here?"
"There is more light here than inside my own house."

Idries Shah (1924-96), citing Mulla Nasrudin (thirteenth century CE)

early morning at Casa De Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil

"Indian Mythology celebrates the idea that the universe is boundlessly various, that everything occurs simultaneously, that all possibilities may exit without excluding each other....(that) untrammeled variety and contradition are ethically and metaphysically necessary."

from The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger

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Helen Booth said...

Hello Jane,
I really love your work. It has an inner glow and light that I strive for in my own painting. I particularly love your Fire/Smoke paintings, they have a Turner-esque appeal.