Monday, June 06, 2011


June 6 ~ Day 11

Many thanks, Ellen and Yvette, for your comments. I am trying to evaluate whether this 365 project and blog are serving me and my readers. Process is really important to the creative life. It has been an interesting 11 days, knowing that I will create an image each day. I have forced myself to take risks I would not have taken, and looked at my surroundings more carefully. All of that is worthwhile. What I am not sure about is this feeling of being so plugged into the internet. I will continue to evaluate.

My goal for this blog has been (and still is) to try to provide a springboard for inspiration and encouragement for myself and others in the creative process, in addition to pontificating about life. I so appreciate your comments.


Annapurna Moffatt said...

I love your blog--and your photography. As a photographer myself, I love seeing how other people use the medium, especially for creative purposes. I love seeing what's out there and what inspires me.

Love, Ro said...

Do you see the light in the photo on DAY 9 ? That is YOU ! Please keep going with the project and the blog--it is a source of inspiration for many--and more people you haven't yet touched.
I understand the hesitancy to plug in, but the 365 doesn't have to be done perfectly. You can still shoot one every day and share as time allows..Perhaps this will give you more freedom in more ways than one.
As always, it is inspirational to view your work and read your musings.