Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Creative Collaboration

So I heard about this singer who collaborates with other people to create songs. I was intriqued with the idea and decided to try something similar. When I was taking photography classes, one of the assignments was to take someone else's negative into the darkroom and come up with a print.

Well, I have decided to try something similar, only this will be with a digital file. If you are interested in participating, I will send you the original file. You can do whatever you like to the file. Then, at the end of the month, you will send me back a jpeg of the file and I will post all the photographs.

So here is the first image. I took this while in Louisiana and think there is lots for room for creative experimentation. Please email me at for the larger file.
I will also post this project on my sidebar so you can access the project anytime.

A few thoughts about the project...NO JUDGING! Just have some fun with it! Feel free to alter it in whatever way you want. Experiment all you like. Push the boundaries.

When you are finished, please send back a jpg 72dpi 1000 pixels wide with your name in the title by February 29th along with your website if you have one and I will be sure to post.



Patrizia said...

I love this idea!Can I receive the file?:) My e-mail is

Gootee said...

This sounds like an interesting idea. I am up to giving this a try.

JoBarsanti said...

I would love to participate in the creative collaboration. My e-mail is

Andrei C.Beldiman said...

cool..i wanna try this too

Peter Schulz said...

Peter Schulz

I just received the LENSCRATCH collaboration announcement and I must congratulate you on such a great idea. I was in your workshop at Filter Photo Festival in Chicago and I am very impressed with your work. When I first opened today’s LENSCATCH, I said to myself, before reading anything, “Now there is a great image”. I would be honored to have a go at the file and put my interpretation on such a quality image. I just can’t get over what a great idea this is and can’t wait to get to work on your/my image.

Kristianne Koch said...

I have always loved the idea of collaboration in art and design and crave this in my life and work right now. Thanks so much for sharing this great idea. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with!

gacdlx said...

Hi Jane,

OK, I'm game if you are! my gmail address is

lis bailly said...

Hmmm...what should I do with this image...Please send your file!

Jane Gottlieb said...

Love this idea!
My e-mail is:

Karen Divine said...

Hi, would you like us to upload the image to your email?

Jane Fulton Alt said...

that would be great.