Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring and Love R in the Air!

thought you might enjoy this...

posted on facebook under relationship status update from Emily and Joe

In response to a comment left by the amazing Welsh painter, Helen Booth, just thought I would let you know that Emily is my niece and a very talented photographer...her website is here.


Helen Booth said...

I dont know who you are, but your little film is FANTASTIC and I am really pleased for you. Good luck and Congratulations!

Helen Booth said...

Thank you Jane. I had a good Look. I love her portfolio pieces. Especially MONEY and Portraits is really funny. I laughed, especially at the 2nd image. the Girls face is hilarious. I see she has a blog and I will try to follow.
I do like visiting your blog Jane , it seems so honest, which to me is a rarity!
Great Work..