Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just love marigolds...and I am not alone. In Mexico they are the primary flower in their Day of the Dead celebrations and in India they are often used for sacred rituals in their temples and along their rivers.

July 23

Today 64 marigold plants were lovingly placed in compost rich garden beds in anticipation of a Day of the Dead Salon and fund raiser we are hosting for Ragdale, one of my very favorite places that supports artists in their creative endeavors.


mary mccloskey said...

Your photo a day has inspired me to start a year-long blog of photos. Hoping it pushes me a little. Take a look at:
Let me know what you think.

Tattoo My Heart said...

Marigolds are my favorite herb to work with. Called Calendula, they as a beautiful aroma and taste to any tea, lotion, or salve, and as a healing herb, they aid in almost an medical problem. When I make my own herbal remedies, I always throw a little Calendula in, whether the recipe calls for it or not, as my signature. :)