Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have water on the brain. After returning from Varanasi, I have been reflecting a great deal on water, a subject I have been photographing my entire photographic life. Not surprising as it is so essential to the life force.


I am reading a book MRTYU, Concept of Death in Indian Traditions. It begins, "It has been said that in India death (mrtyu) is not opposed, as in the West, to idea of life (jivan) but rather to birth (jati)." I began thinking of one of my very favorite early images where birth and death seemed to be present in one single image.

© 1995

Th last 2 days of my trip in India I finally settled in and found my photographic voice. The artist statment I have used for years on my website fits the work perfectly...

These photographic images reflect my exploration of the ineffable mystery of the life force, searching for what is true and eternal. This quest is fueled by a persistent longing to return home.

Maybe I don't need to photograph anymore?

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Please d!on't stop