Friday, February 19, 2010

Women and Water

There are some very important programs about water distribution and conservation, three of which are spearheaded by local Chicago women; Ann Feldman, Karen May, and Cynthia Raskin.

Karen is working to raise money to create cisterns in Mexican villages through H2O for Mexico.

Ann has created an AMAZING organization, Artistic Circles, in which Water Pressures is one of the projects. She is working on a collaborative project with the Jai Bhagirahi Foundation in Rajasthan, India and Northwestern University students to bring more creative solutions to the water shortages in Rajasthan. So incredibly impressive..

Cynthia has created a program Recycle the Raindrops, in which she is trying to bring greater awareness to our water consumption in the Great Lakes region.

All by women, All about Water....AWESOME!

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