Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Ragdale Weekend

I just returned from teaching a Ragdale workshop...and let me tell you, it was fabulous. Ragdale is such a special place that nourishes the mind, body, heart and soul. The participants were a great group of people and lots of laughs were had. A huge thank you to the untiring and talented staff and board members who make such an experience possible. You have nurtured many, many artists who have in turn enriched the lives of so many.

One can't help but wonder who will be the next writer sitting in this chair, reading from a manuscript that has yet to be written. Thank you Ragdale.


Anonymous said...

It is so gratifying to read such kind words about Ragdale. We love to welcome new friends to our workshops, to experience "the muse" and the unique setting, meet our wonderful staff and sample some of chef Linda's delicious food! Thank you, for your help and hard work this weekend. It was a great success. - Amy Davidson, President, Board of Trustees of the Ragdale Foundation

Karen said...

I'm so glad it was a good time. I imagined it would be! How could it not?